Sunday, April 29, 2012

And the winner is....

~BIG DRUM ROLL..........~

 Now, before our special announcement, I would just like to take a minute to explain how I handled the drawing.   First I made a list of everybody who had entered, and how many entries each person had, which came out like this:

David B. -- 4    (Entries 1-4)
Jonathan P. -- 8  (Entries 5-12)
Cora B. -- 6  (Entries 13-18)
Ely D.  --  4  (Entries 19-22)
Jacob B. -- 5  (Entries 23-27)
Paula M. --1  (Entry 28)
Tyler W. -- 4  (Entries 29-32)
Dawn B. -- 1  (Entry 33)
K. Family -- 1  (Entry 34)
Patrick C. -- 4  (Entries 35-38)
Hristiyan M. -- 4 (Entries 39-42)

Then, I went to and used their number generator to come up with the winning number:


So, congratulations to Jacob B! Yes, that's my brother... :-) You get first prize!
  But, seeing as my goal was to give one of my readers something as a small "Thank you" for putting up with my terrable writing, I decided to go ahead and draw another number... So this time the winning number is:


  That would be Jonathan P! Thank you for all of the traffic you have sent my way with all of your posts! You may have your choice of any of the prizes as well... (Unless you happen to pick something I have already given to Jacob... :-)  )

  Once again, thank you to all of my readers, and be sure to keep reading my blog, as I will most likely have another drawing next year too!

   Andrew B.

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Jonathan said...

Alright! Sending you an email.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

- Jonathan P.