Thursday, April 12, 2012

More grain cleaning.

The last two days I have been grain cleaning again, as I got a call from a neighbor who wanted some cleaning done... Today was kind of nasty, due to a very strong wind blowing all of the dust and gravel from the yard around...   I have been rubbing my eyes all afternoon!

 I think we are actually done with grain cleaning now, except for a couple hundred bushels for another neighbor, and our own grains... Now we can finally get on to our field work!

  Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day, so we will probably be working in the shop once again...  If everything goes well, I should have Cora's (My sister) car running by the end of the day!   It had a bad water pump, which on this particular engine is driven by the timing chain, so it is quite the job to change it out! I got a bunch of parts in Bismarck on Tuesday, so all I need now is a bit of time to work on it... :-)

  Best get to bed,
     Andrew B.

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Patrick said...

Hi Andrew,
Must be pretty windy, I was texting with Justus W. yesterday and he was at the eye doctors getting a seed hull out of his eye that had blown in.

Glad you are making progress on your sister's car, I'm repairing the water pump on our van right now also.