Saturday, April 7, 2012

Almost Done...

With grain cleaning, that is! It has been a very long and tiring couple of weeks, and needless to say I am happy to be approaching the end...  The income has been greatly appreciated, but the amount of work (and dust) has been approaching extreame.

  I had intended to post some more pictures of the ND Homeschool convention, as well as some information on our time at the NDGOP convention, but will have to postpone that to another day. :(   I am just too worn out from the past couple of weeks, and we had company this afternoon, so need to get to bed now... I will hopefully be able to update my blog here a little more regularly now that we are (almost) done with grain cleaning.
   Andrew B.
 PS. I am still working on a giveaway for my third Bloggerversary! Stay tuned for more info on that as well...

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Andrew,
I rejoice with you (and your papa) that you are almost done. Those checks are sure nice to see at the end of your days, but those red sore eyes are NOT!!! Hang in there, son, and think of the blessing that you are to all of those farmers who don't have to drag their grain to town! You are filling a great need for these men of the earth and I rejoice for them that you have joined the ranks of professional grain cleaners! You are NEEDED!
Love always,