Sunday, April 15, 2012

A great day in the shop!

Today was a very productive day in the shop. It was raining on and off all afternoon, so we had plenty of time to work inside...

 First on the list was getting Cora's car finished up; we had been working on changing the water pump and timing chain, and were almost finished, just waiting for one more part... :-) So it didn't take too long to finish that up this morning, and Cora was able to drive it in to work this afternoon!  She is quite happy. :-)

 Our next project is a 2001 Dodge Intrepid, which I bought several weeks ago... The previous owner told me that he had been told that the oil pump was bad, which would pretty much mean the motor would need to be rebuilt or replaced... However, after some extensive testing this afternoon, we were able to determine that the oil pump is fine, but that the water pump is on it's way out! So now I just need to get a bunch of parts to fix it up, and put it all back together... :-)
 I was also thinking I was going to have to buy all new tires to put on the car, as one of the previous owners had taken the proper tires off of the rims, and just put some other mis-matched and totally rotten tires back on, in order to be able to roll it around... However, after looking up what size tires were supposed to be on there, we discovered that we had a set of used ones that had been pretty much just given to us, but that were still quite usable! Isn't it amazing how the Lord provides for us? :-)

 Well, best get to bed now,

   Andrew B.
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