Saturday, April 21, 2012

My "New" truck! And an upcoming Appleseed Shoot

Good Morning, and Happy Sabbath!

  I thought I'd share a couple pictures of my "New" truck this morning, as well as some information on an upcoming event... We are going bowling this afternoon with some friends, so won't have time to post later... :-)

 So, I told you all before that my old pickup was for sale, and that I had gotten a different one... Here is what I got:

 It's an '07 Ram 1500 4x4 Laramie! Decked out with almost every available option:

And yes, it's got a

I bought it really cheap, because it has some damage on the passenger side:

It is still perfectly drivable, it just needs some new doors, and a bit of straightening to the lower door sill... The doors actually open and close yet!   Here you can see the used doors I picked up to put on:

They will need to be painted though... Not sure if I am going to try that myself, or have somebody else do it.

I also wanted to post about the upcoming Appleseed in Minot, ND. It will be next Saturday, April 28th.  I will be there, helping out as an IIT (Instructor in Training).   We still have room on the firing line, so sign up now! You can find more information at

  God Bless!
    Andrew B.


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Andrew,
It'll be awesome when it's finished!
Say, do you know if they'll cancel it if there aren't enough people for this week's shoot? I may go if that is the case but first I have to get rid of the aches from bowling.

Patrick said...

Wow! That's some truck!:) Hope it works good for you!

The K. Family said...

Nicd truck! Someday Arthur wants to have an Appleseed shoot around here.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments!
Patrick; yes, it is really nice! I have already fixed a couple of minor things, and it runs really good! Just got the bad dents on the side... :-)
K. Family, That would be great! You can contact Jonathan B. if you would like to discuss what is necessary for hosting an AS. (It's not hard!) His e-mail is
I would love to come to your place too!

Emmy said...

WOW...I love trucks and this one is incredible!!!! Its even jacked up! DO you still have it?

Unknown said...

Yes that was a pretty sweet truck Emmy... I kept it for a while, but ended up getting a 3/4 ton diesel, and didn't need this anymore, so it was sold... :-(