Saturday, April 2, 2011

Starting Grain Cleaning...

Hello all,

 I am sorry for not posting here for so long, but things on the farm have been keeping me pretty busy. We are getting into the calving season full swing now, so we have to keep an eye on the cows... We have already had a set of twins, both of which are doing quite well! Here is a short video I I took several days ago, when we only had three calves:

 I have also been busy getting my grain cleaner ready for use, as there were still a lot of things to be fixed... I do have all of the cleaning machines running now, but there are still a couple of places where grain leaks out that need to be fixed. Here is a picture I took of my cleaner the other day:

Here is a picture of the control panel, with all of the start (green) and stop (red) buttons:

 I did my first job of the year yesterday, cleaning wheat for our neighbors about a mile away. I was really happy with how good the cleaners worked: the grain was quite dirty going in, but I was literally able to clean it to food grade quality! That's 99.9% purity, or 1 weed seed out of every 1,000 wheat kernels! Now to get all of the leaks stopped up, and I will be ready to get to work full time... :-) Here is a picture Cora took of me yesterday:

And here is a short video clip she took with her camera:

   That's all for now,
        Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
I stumbled across your blog through another blogger friend. I really enjoyed the video and pictures of your farm. Over the past couple of years, my family has really been trying to live a more frugal lifestyle. We have a huge vegetable garden now, and we are looking to get some more animals. We have always had chickens, but I'm hoping to get some milking goats this spring. We just got hit with a snow storm here in Maine a couple of days ago so that sort of set me back on building them a shelter and setting up a pen for them.

God Bless,

Dawn Bornemann said...

Hi Andrew,
I loved both videos but especially the baby one. :)
Thanks for posting before you get started on another busy week!

Cora Beth said...

I really enjoyed this post too, Andrew! I like how you made the simple videos seem proffesional. :) Congratulations on your blogger-versary too, by the way. ;)