Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Works!

Yesterday morning I put the rest of the plastic back on my new four-wheeler, and then started it up and took it out for a drive... Yup, I got it fixed and back in service! None too soon either, as the weather has turned our yard and cattle pens into one big slop hole, in which our other quad would be helplessly stuck... :-) We have already been using my new one to check the cows, so it is being put to good use. Four-wheel-drive is an increadable invention!
 I got a little time this afternoon to take apart the (Bad) transmission that I had taken out of my four-wheeler, and found the following:

Here is a close up of the wrecked bearings:

 Yup, that one's a gonner...  The really stupid thing is you can't just replace the bearings as Honda doesn't sell individual parts for the transmission; You have to change the whole thing! Sooooooooooooooooo.......  $1,305 and a lot of time, and I have my four wheeler working again! Sure hope it works for a long time... ;-)
  Got to go,
    Andrew B.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

I'm glad you got your 4 wheeler up and running again. I cannot agree more that four-wheel-drive is a fantastic invention. My truck is only two-wheel-drive, which is fine in the summer but leaves a little to be desired in the winter. Although the new all-terrain tires I bought for it helped, I did have a couple of close calls this past winter on the dirt road we live on, which essentially turns into one big sheet of ice during the winter months.

Hope you and your family have a great weekend.

God Bless,