Sunday, April 3, 2011

I feel a bit "Foolish"

Today I realized that I missed my 2nd "Blogger-versary"! It was on April 1st, which made me feel really "Foolish" ;-) So, here are a couple of interesting statistics about my blog:
  • 157 posts, not counting this one,
  • 156 returning visitors last month,
  • 732 days since I started blogging,
  • 7,036 page loads,
 Now for the fun part:
  • 732 days devided by 157 posts = 4.66 days average between posts.
  • 7,036 page loads devided by 157 posts = 44.81 average views of each post.
  • 7,036 page loads devided by 732 days = 9.61 average views per day.
Interesting, but you are probably wondering if I am "Doing" anything for my Blogger-versary. YES! I am planning on holding another giveaway this year, but have not yet decided what to give away... ;-) Last year's giveaway was pretty interesting, and I don't know if I'll be able to top it or not... In the mean time, I would like to give each and every one of you a little "Gift" -- Links to some of my favorite COMPLETELY FREE programs that you might find usefull!  Here goes:
  1. Most importantly, I would like to recommend AVG Free AntiVirus 2011. This is one of the few AntiVirus programs out there that is completely FREE! If you are getting tired of paying for protection for your computer, try AVG now! I have been using AVG for about 5 years now, and have had NO virus problems! Link to Download Page
  2. Is your computer running slow? Getting error messages? Chances are your computer's registry is cluttered up with obsolete and invalid keys. I highly recommend Piriform's CCleaner, a FREE registry and hard drive cleaner. Reclaim your lost performance and hard drive space today!
  3. I am sure you have all herd of Microsoft Office, the industry standard word processing and spreadsheet aplications. What you probably haven't herd of is OpenOffice, "The Free and Open Productivity Suite" No need to spend $150+ on Microsoft Office when you can use these programs for free!
  4. This one has something for everybody: DVDVideoSoft's FREE STUDIO  Want to download a YouTube video? Change that .WAV to a .MP3? Make a 3D Picture or Video? Convert a .MPG to a .AVI? How about burning a quick DVD? Watch that movie on your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Blackberry/Smartphone/MP4 player? Back up those precious photos to a CD or DVD? You name it, you can probably do it with this grab bag of multimedia programs!
  5. If you have multiple computers around your house, and get tired of trying to keep those important files current on all of them, this one's for you! FreeFileSync, a simple but very effective program that allows you to syncronize several folders at once.
  6. Have you ever decided to try renaming 50 files in order to make them easier to find? You probably found it was more work than it was worth... Here is a simple program that can make life a lot easier: AdvancedRename. Easily rename multiple files with just a couple of clicks!
  7. Ever wonder how hot your computer is really running? Check out SpeedFan, a nifty little program that will monitor your computer's temperatures in real time! Or, if you have a newer Intel processor, you can also use RealTemp, another nice temperature monitoring program...
  8. If you've been around computers for a while, you have probably seen a file with a .ISO extension. These are direct images of CDs or DVDs that you can use to burn another CD or DVD. Ever wanted to get at the contents of those .ISOs without actually burning them to a disk? Check out MagicDisc, a FREE virtual disk program that allows you to mount a .ISO image just like if you had put the CD in a CD drive...
  9. Can't forget this one: 7-Zip, one of the best file compression programs I have used, and also completely FREE! Opens just about any compressed file out there... Can't get better than that!
  10. For you gamers out there: Ever wondered what your favorite game would look like in 3D? Now you can find out! Armed with a simple pair of Red-Cyan glasses and the free iZ3D driver (Free for Anaglyph [I.E Red-Cyan] use), any DirectX powered game can now be viewed in 3D! Also works with Google Earth and other DirectX programs!
Of course there are many others, (iTunes, VLC Media Player, K-lite Codec Packs, Audacity, CPU-Z, Prime95, Windows Live Essentials, Microsoft Money Deluxe Sunset,  etc...) but I have to stop sometime... ;-) I really need to get to bed now, so will say goodnight!
  Andrew B.


Dawn Bornemann said...

You are absolutely wonderful to share your wealth of information with us computer dummies! I never dreamed that there was so much valuable free stuff out there!!!
In my opinion, you have already given us many hundreds of dollars worth of information--bless you, son!
Your not-quite-as-afraid-of-technology Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

You've got some great free programs listed here. I'm definitely going to give SpeedFan a try. I really like CCleaner and AVG. I've been using them for several years now and I have nothing bad to say about them. One program that I also like to use (which I'm sure you have heard of) is Revo Uninstaller. Besides uninstalling programs, it also deletes a program's registry files and folders that are left behind.

God Bless,