Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cleaning grain...

Yes, the season is now in full swing, and I am as busy as can be... I am staying with some friends while cleaning 6,000+ bushels for them, which is going to be a three-day-project… At least I am hoping to get done tomorrow, of I don't have any more trouble. I say "more trouble" because shortly after I got here yesterday, after I had run for about half an hour, the engine on my generator decided it didn't have to run anymore… the strange part is that it would start and run just fine for about 10 seconds, then it would simply peter out and die. I was thinking it was the injection pump, untill I called down to a place that works on injection pumps and the guy there told me to check the fuel return line... I did, and found out that a fitting I had thought was a regular elbow was actually a check valve with a very small passage way through it that was restricting the fuel flow! After removing that fitting, istarted the engine, and it ran just fine! PTL!
That's all for now, as I am trying to type on my iPod and it is a little difficult. :-)


Cora Beth said...

Oh my, Andrew! I didn't realize the Millers had so much they wanted cleaned! I guess that's a good thing, although we miss you here. :) It's a good thing that your cows are not too particular about who milks them, as so far, Dad's milked them and I have and I'm not sure who milked them tonight, as I just got home from work and everyone else is already in bed.....

Glad to hear that your cleaning went well today, and that the problem wasn't nearly as major as it might have been yesterday!

Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow then. You should see the greenhouse now that it has the plastic on. It actually looks like a greenhouse! :)

On the way home from work, I was listening to the old tape we have of the home school talent night many, many years ago when you and I sang that fun song, and I started missing you!
Love ya, little brother,

Dawn Bornemann said...

I missed you something awful, Andrew! There is just nobody who whistles around the yard quite like you!! I'm glad that you're home but this snow is making me realize that it was a good thing that you went when you could.
Glad you're home,