Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More grain cleaning, and an announcement...

Once again, I am sitting in a farmers yard babysitting the grain
cleaner, and writing a blog post on my iPod. :-)
Monday, Dad and I spent the day working on my grain cleaner, still a
long way to go... Tuesday, Dad took the grain cleaner to a job that
was over 100 miles from our place, while Mom and Cora went down to
Eureka to help my grandparents pack, and Jacob and I stayed home to
watch the cows, and work on my cleaner...
This morning Dad took off early with the cleaner while we did
chores, then after lunch I drove to where dad was cleaning, and we
switched off, so now I am sitting out in the dust, and he is at home
working on the cleaner...

And now for the announcement: Tomorrow is my 1 year Bloggerversary!
And in honor of this milestone, I will be holding a little
drawing. :-) The winner will recieve their choice of: (A) A copy of
the promotional DVD that I made of last years Prairie Days! (B) A copy
of the DVD I made of my Graduation, (C) A bottle of my very own
Dehydrated H2O, (D) An old rusty bolt from my grain cleaner, (E) An
old computer keyboard and mouse, (F) A set of earbuds that don't work,
(G) A Lego wheel without a hub, or (H) just about anything else I can
find laying around! ;-) (You can probably tell I'm a little bit
bored...) Anyway, if you want any of the above mentioned items, just
leave me a comment between now and Sunday, and you will automaticly be
entered in my little drawing. ;-)
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!
Andrew B.

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Jonathan said...

Now I wonder how much the shipping would be for a bottle of dehydrated H20? It would be light weight but more bulky than a DVD. :-)

I enjoy keeping up with your blog, and generally read all your posts within a day of them being published even if I don't comment! Keep up the good work with the grain cleaning...

Jonathan said...

Hmm. Not sure I'd have a use for any of that stuff. Is shipping included? I won a book from a lady in Saudi Arabia a while back. The best part was the foreign stamp/postmark. Quite exotic. :-)

Would you consider offering something non-physical (like a review or consultation or something)? There'd be no shipping that way. I'm thinking out loud here. :-)

Anyway, Congrats on a year! I've enjoyed reading.

- Jonathan Potter

Hannah said...

Okay, so leaving this enters me into your drawing?
If I win I would like some dehydrated H20. Sounds interesting.
My brother Nathanael might want the rusty bolt to add to the collection that clutters his room so enter me for that too :)
Congratulations on one year of blogging!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,
I am distraught. When I read over this list of items that you are willing to part with, the one that had the most appeal was the rusty bolt. It symbolizes to me this time in your life when you are starting your own "Real" business.
I was utterly surprised when Cora mentioned that she was thinking the very same thing. Now I see that Hannah is interested in the rusty bolt from your grain cleaner for her brother. Is it at all possible that you might have THREE rusty bolts to spare?
I'm proud of you, son. Not only for your grain cleaning business but also for your ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING! This is my definition of a REAL miracle!!!!
Love always,

Cora Beth said...

Hmmmm.... As mother said, I think what I'd really like is the rusty bolt from your grain cleaner. :) Perhaps I should wait though to see what your other options are??? Maybe you'll decide to through in a rusty nut with the rusty bolt? :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of the comments! I know there are still some more readers out there, better hurry!
Jonathan B; Shipping is included! Dehydrated H2O is a very good choice, you get all of the health benefits of H2O in a convenient form: Just add water! :-)
Jonathan P; What would you want to consult me about? I'm not a doctor, lawyer, professor, or anything else 'with letters', but if you think I could be of help, I'm glad to try! :-)
Hannah F; Yes, you are entered! I think I might be able to scrounge up another rusty bolt from somewhere...
Mom and Cora: If either of you win, you can have a whole bucket of old bolts! (The rest of you could too, if you want to pay the shipping... ;-) )
I still am working on a few more things to add to the list, so stay posted...
Andrew B.

Anonymous said...


I regularly read Cora's blog and she announced about your give-away! Congratulations on a year of blogging!
Please enter me for the keyboard and mouse, the earbuds, and/or the bolt! :)

Thanks for doing this, *ahem* INTERESTING give-away :D ! LOL
Seriously, this sounds like fun!