Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hi Again!

Yesterday morning, we got a large yellow package delivered here. Well, actually not 'here,' as it was delivered to our local farm equipment store, about 1.5 miles from our house, and we had to go pick it up there... What was it?
A "new" generator for Dad's Grain Cleaner!
(A picture of the control panel)
Seeing as I bought Dad's old generator to put on my grain cleaner, Dad had to get a different one... After looking around for quite a while, we finally found one with low hours, and a good price; the only problem being it was located in Pennsylvania! We ended up having it shipped out here, as we didn't have the time or inclination to drive out and pick it up...
On another topic, here are some pictures of a recent addition to my Lego Collection:

You are probably asking yourself what I want with a BASIC BUILDING SET, let me explain... My B. Grandparents are moving to a smaller house due to my Grandpa's health needs, so they are trying to get rid of some of the things they don't really need. Now, most of my relatives know I am a Lego nut, so Grandma B. told me I could have her bucket of Legos. So now I am in possession of some of the very first Legos that I ever played with, and which I have fond memories of playing with ever since I can remember... Thanks Grandma!
I also took some other pictures this morning, but you will have to wait till I get time to redo my header to see them...
That's all for now!
Andrew B.


Rachel said...

Hi Andrew!
How nice to add these 'happy memories' to your lego collection!

We have some lego blocks that were my mom's when she was very young. These blocks only came in the colours white and red and were a different size to the blocks we have today. So it's not possible to add them to our lego collection as such, but are still nice to have!

Greetings in Christ,

Kimberly said...

Brandon still helps Daniel put some of his lego sets together, too. So does Ryan. I guess you never outgrow legos.