Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today's Project*

/*This post was started several days ago, but I got busy with something else again... */

(One of) Today's project(s) involved making a certain modification to an otherwise nearly useless tool. For those of you who grew up on or now live on a dairy, you may know what this is:

For those of you who might be wondering what that thing is, it is a wrench-like tool for an old style DeLaval Cream Separator. As you can see in the second picture, there are only 2 studs on the original tool, which makes it very hard to turn the nut with... Soooooooo, I found a little scrap of steel in the steel bin, drilled a hole in it, cut it off to the right length, bolted it all together, and Presto! It works much better!
Now the wrench actually stays on the nut, and you don't skin your knuckles trying to loosen it...
Best get to bed,
Andrew B.


Andrew said...

Hi Andrew,

Andrew and I were just looking at your blog. I hadn't seen what the wrench for that nut was supposed to look like before. Now we need to make one like that for our separator! I guess pliers will work for now until we make/find something else.

Peter & Andrew

Unknown said...

Hi Peter and Andrew,
Thanks for the comment!
If you are going to try to make one, you might want to try to make the newer style wrench. I will try to upload a picture of that one soon... :-) We do have an extra old style wrench with my modification on it, that we could sell you for a couple $. (I'd have to ask Dad how much he would want for it, if you are interested...) Have you tried using the separator again recently? Did it work?

Got to go to chores...
Andrew B.