Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cleaning Grain

Hello all,
Well, I am at it once again. Grain cleaning that is. :-) today is my
first day of the season, and along with that comes the normal "First
day out" problems... After sitting all winter, things tend to
acumulate a little rust, and it takes a little while for the grain to
polish everything up again. Also, seeing as we have a different
generator on this cleaner now, I have to get used to that too...
I had a little scare earlier this morning, shortly after I got set
up and running. I had just about gotten the cleaner set how I wanted
it, and was standing not too far away from the generator, when it (the
generator) suddenly sounded like it was pulling much harder than
normal. I instantly knew something was wrong, and suspected an
electrical problem. My suspicions were very shortly confirmed, both by
a flash of light, and by the very pungent aroma of an electrical short
circuit... In a matter of seconds I was at the control panel flipping
off all of the switches, hoping to avoid any further damage to the
wiring. Fast as I was, even before I could flip the main breaker, I
noticed that the engine had run back up to a normal speed; strange I
thought, seeing as it hadn't even tripped the main breaker... After
shutting everything down, I started examining the afected area.
It didn't take long to see a burnt spot on the front cover of the
generator -- not a good sign. After removing the cover, which was
rendered more difficut than usual due to the short having effectively
spot welded the cover to the frame, my fears were confirmed: one of
the wires that I had reconected the other day had burned through the
electrical tape, and shorted to the frame.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,
I am so thankful that YOU were safe--that's the main thing you know. :)
You are in my prayers as you're out there working on the farms. Please continue to think safety first as we've talked so many years!
I love you Andrew--PLEASE BE CAREFUL!