Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Morning

Hi all!

Can it be Saturday already? Time sure does fly!

Let me see... Last time I posted was Tuesday! So much for posting a little every day. :-)

We did go to the auction sale on Wednesday, and came home with some treasures, and some junk. Why does it seam auction sales always do that? We bought a 1977 Dodge PowerWagon pickup (more about that later); a set of 6 business-band 2 way radios for the farm; and a drag auger for cleaning out grain bins; as well as some little stuff.

After the sale we loaded everything up in the pickup, then tried to start it... The battery was dead. We couldn't find anybody with jumper cables, so we ended up pulling it to get it started. It was ran fine then, so we took off for home. I was driving the pickup, and Dad was driving our van, which we had driven to the sale. After driving for about 10 miles we had to stop and turn onto a different road, so as I was slowing down I pushed the clutch in (It is a 4 speed manual), and the engine died! Not a problem, since the pickup was still rolling quite fast, I just let the clutch out again and the engine roared back to life. Whew! I stopped at the corner and told Dad what had happened, and he said to keep on driving home, just keep her running this time. ;-) After driving for another mile or so, I heard a ticking noise which kept getting worse, until it suddenly got very loud. I pushed in the clutch, and the engine immediately quit. Luckily, we were close to a farm, and I had enough momentum to coast into the yard. The farmer was nice enough to let us borrow a tow rope, so we pulled it the rest of the way home with the van. It turns out the motor is shot, so that is disappointing. :-( We didn't need another pickup with a bad motor, as we already have one! O well... Here is a picture of Dad and Me by the pickup:

Got to go, More later. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you! You persevered until you got that old clunker home. Good work.
Did you think of a name for your kid yet?
Just curious,