Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life on the Farm

Here is a little review of what has been going on around here.

The weather has been quite cold for this time of year (it is 26 degrees out as I am writing this), and there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground. Whenever it does get above freezing, the ground turns to slop. :-(
We are just starting calving, and are having a tough time with the cold and muddy weather. So far, we have about 10 live calves and about 4 that have died. Not a very good percentage... Anyway, I got my first calf of the year last night, so now I have to keep an eye on him. :-) It was born to a heifer, so I am hoping she will take care of him like she should, as sometimes heifers are not very good mothers.
In addition to farming, our family also operates several other businesses. Dad has a grain hauling business, as well as a portable custom grain cleaning unit. Mom has recently gotten started in BodyTalk, and my sister Cora has a cake making business. My brother, Jacob, and I have been using the FSA youth loan program to help us get started in farming, and I must say, it has been quite successful! I will be running our grain cleaning unit this year for the first time, so that is a big step for me. More on that later...
I best get going,
Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new baby calf!!! As you said, we are very busy here with farming, plus our side businesses, but I rejoice that you choose to use your precious spare time building with your Legos and especially that you are writing more these days! I love seeing what you come up with but I'm not sure about this bug business. Are you sure it won't give the grandmas the creeps at the graduation? :)
Happy Sabbath son,
Your "Happy to see you writing," Mom

Jonathan said...

Hi Andrew, just wanted to drop in and say hi! We're back from our trip and it was nice to get your note about the new blog. I'll be sure to check in frequently!