Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home alone

Well, today Dad and Mom went to Bismarck and left us children at home. Mom went up for a BodyTalk meeting that a bunch of the local BodyTalkers were putting on, and Dad went up to help her get set up, as well as to look at some farm equipment.

We have been being lazy, as the old expression so wisely states "When the cat's away, the mice will play." ;-) If you can really call checking the cows every couple hours, while playing a couple of games, and watching a couple of movies in between lazy. :-)

Here is a picture of my one goat kid so far this year.
It is a doeling, and her mothers name is Hannah. I haven't come up with a good name for her yet, but am willing to consider any suggestions. Just leave your suggestion in the comments, and I will update later on the one I choose!

Thats all for now!


Jonathan said...

Well, if I had a name for it I would use it on one of our goats because we now have six kids, with probably at least four more on the way! I was worried they were all going to be males because the first four were, and then we had two females and so that made me feel a little better.

Cora Beth said...

How about Cordelia? That is such a perfectly elegant name you know!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
May I suggest that you name her Samantha. I was going to suggest Samuel, as "His" mama is Hannah but then Cora reminded me that this is a doeling, not a buckling. I already have "Sam" in my head, though, so Samantha seems like it would work. Whatever it is going to be, I ask that you name her soon as naming her may take back seat to other "More important" things soon when you start grain cleaning.
Waiting to hear,

Anonymous said...

Say Andrew,
I have another idea seeing as this poor kid still has no name. :)
When Josephine (my favorite goat) kidded, we had just come home from the home school convention. You children were talking about nothing but Mr. George Eschobar who had spoken about Christian filmmaking. I named Jo's buckling George, in honor of Mr. Eschobar who directed the new movie, COME WHAT MAY!
Well, George had a doeling sister who needed a name so I just HAD to name her Mary for George and Mary Baily in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. So now we have George and Mary and your little doeling. How about if you name her, Violet, for Violet Bic in IAWL? It would fit with Cora's flower theme too.
So now you must decide--does she look like a Violet? Best get naming practice now for when you have to name your children. I suppose you could always host a blog naming contest then too! :)
I hope that you're enjoying the day over there. Say "Hi" to Shirley for me.
PS. Please let me know if you're driving something "Different" home from the sale.