Sunday, July 10, 2011

New wheels! Episode 5...

(Introduction:  .... La ta ta ta    ta DAH!...)   "Welcome back for the 5th episode of 'New Wheels', your local auto show featuring everything from fix-um-ups to the latest in style and design. This week we will be checking out the newest addition around the studios, a 2000 model Chrysler Cirrus!"

Well, that might be a good introduction for a radio show, but maybe not for a blog post... :-) I never would have guessed this morning that I would own a car tonight... It is amazing how fast life can change! Here is a picture (or a couple):

I have been looking for a good deal on a nice little car for a while, and when I came in for lunch today I had a couple extra minutes so I looked at, (our local FREE online classifieds,) and saw this car listed for $475! Why so low? Well, the transmission is bad... And it has 165,000 miles on it, but what do you get for less than $500 anymore? Sooooooooo, seeing as I know that good deals don't last very long on BisManOnline, I gave the seller a call, and we ended up going up and picking it up this afternoon. Now I just need a lot of time to take it all apart and rebuild the transmission... :-)  There are a couple other minor problems, as in the front bumper and grill are in a little tough shape, and the radio has been removed...

I am just about done with my 4-wheeler project, which is turning out quite well! I have the motor all put back together and in the quad now, and have actually had it running for a couple of minutes. I am stuck waiting for a couple of little covers that I ordered, or it would be all the way back together by now... :-) It seems to run quite well though, PTL!

Best get to bed now,
   Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Andrew,

Nice find! My brother Dan has been looking for a car. It's family has 4 trucks and no cars...I don't know how that happened! Anyways, there seem to be cars everywhere so sale around here...the problem is that while looking around for one, we have found that a lot of them are rusted out underneath, probably due to the salt that's mixed with the dirt that is put down on the roads during the winter when it is icy. I'm sure that happens to many of the cars where you live too.

My parents had a Toyota Camry for the longest time. It was a great car...but the transmission finally went on it. Being a foreign car, the transmission was going to be quite expensive to replace. We probably would still have the car now, if we could have found a transmission for it at a good price. We ended up selling it to a guy who knew someone who had a transmission for it.

The 4-wheeler is looking great, by the way.

I pray that you and your family will have a wonderful day.


Patrick said...

Hi Andrew, That's neat that you got a car, sounds like an interesting project. I'm glad your 4 wheeler is running good!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Andrew, on your new car!!!!!

Dawn Bornemann said...

Hi Andrew,
I'm the, "What's HD?" voter in your poll. You know, I truly do love reading about your mechanical expertise. However, I would have you know that MOST people my age have little to no idea what you're talking about when it comes to computers; how they work; and how to fix their own problems instead of pestering their son all the time.
Here is a suggestion for you. Perhaps you would want to start writing about how people can solve their SIMPLE computer problems. Maybe you can accumulate all of your thoughts after a while and write a book called, "Andrew the Techspert's advice on understanding your computer." Kind of like the, "Feed me, I'm yours" book which every mother has read if she's worth her weight in gold.
Just a suggestion. I'm glad to see you're writing! Keep up the good work!
Love you lots,

Dawn Bornemann said...

Silly me--I forgot to mention that I love your thriftiness which brought you such a classy little car! I am eager to take a spin in it SOON!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of the comments!

Josh; Yes, salt does tend to be hard on cars... :-) They use more sand than salt around here though, so it usually isn't too bad. Hope Dan finds a good deal on a car too!

Patrick; It has been a very interesting project, a little more interesting than first expected... :-)

Hristiyan; Thanks!

Mom; I have thought about setting up a simple blog on which my friends could post their computer problems/questions, and I would do my best to answer them. What do you think?
Andrew B.

Dawn Bornemann said...

Hi Andrew,
I didn't realize that you asked me this question so sorry I'm so pokey.
I LOVE your idea of starting a blog where people can ask you questions about their computer problems. Today especially I am thinking that it would be nice for folks to at least have you to talk to before they go forking over
$660. OUCH!
Happy Sabbath son!