Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another busy week.

We had another very busy week around here, but I guess that's rather normal. :-) Yesterday was one of those really annoying days were everything seems to go wrong… I went out to the fields right after chores, and swathed down the one remaining field of Oats around the farm. Swathing went surprisingly well, and I got finished just in time for lunch.
After lunch, I was supposed to load our swather onto our swather transport, but I found that I had a flat tire on the transport trailer... After digging around for quite awhile, I finally found some tires which I thought would work. But after a couple of hours of screwing around, I came to the conclusion that NONE of them would hold air! I finally took a tire that I knew was good (from off of a spare tire for one of our old pickups,) and put it on the trailer... After loading the swather, and chaining it down, I thought I was ready to go. I made about 5 miles down the road, when the back tire on the swather blew out! So then I had to take that tire off, take it into town, get a new one put on, put the tire back on the swather… By the time and made it over to the field where I was supposed to be, it was already 7:00! Grrrrrrrrr.....
After unloading the swather, and doing a few other things, and drove down to the other field to pick up dad who was bailing. When Dad shut off his tractor, we heard something that sounded like air leaking, only to find that the front tire on the tractor was going flat! Needless to say, it was a bad tire day!

And that's one thing about farm life, you never get bored!

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