Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still busy...

Hello again!

I am still here, although the wind nearly blew me away today... ;-) Seeing as the weather wasn't very nice today, we spent most of the day in the shop working on the simi. There are quite a few things that need to be fixed on there again, and it needs to be put in tip-top shape before sunflower harvest comes around... Today we took apart the rear wheel-hub-brake assemblies, as we need to install new oil seals and brakes, and I worked on a couple of air valves that weren't working correctly... One of them I was able to fix, but the other one needs to be replaced.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to a farm auction about 15 miles from here. We know the lady whose sale it is, and knew her husband before he passed away... So we are going for support as well as to see what kind of "junk" we can bring home! :-) I am sure there will be some pictures comming up over on Cora's blog, and maybe even some here...

Best get to bed.
Andrew B.

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