Saturday, May 22, 2010

Workin' hard, Playin' hard...

Hello everybody,
As the title implies, I have been busy again lately... This past week I have been gone working for a friend of ours, Dave, helping him get his seeds in the ground... I was running the tractor with the Wishek disc, and Dave was doing all of the seeding. It went very well, only a couple of minor problems... It does get tireing sitting in a tractor, going round and round the field for 13 hours on end, but I guess that's what farming is all about! :-) It will be nice to have a little extra spending money too... ;-)
On a lighter note, last Saturday, Jacob and I went up to Wheels Wings n' Hobbies (WWNH) in Bismarck for the first DTRC (Dakota Thunder RC Club) race of the year. :-) Have you ever been to a RC race? Vote in the new poll! I took several videos of the races, check them out!
The 1/8 scale Monster Trucks:

The Short Course trucks:

The most exciting class: The 1/8 scale Nitro Buggies! I taped the whole A-Main race, which is about 15 minutes long... I had to split it into two clips to upload to YouTube, so here it is in two pieces:

This was our first time up at the races, although we had been to WWNH several times, and seen the track before, but hadn't ever driven on it, or watched an actual race. The races are set up as follows: In each class, there are 2 qualifiers, then if there are enough people in the class there will be a B-Main, with the leader of the B-Main getting bumped up to the A-Main in that class. If there aren't too many people, then there will only be an A-Main, with everybody participating... Jacob and I both raced in the 1/10 2wd electric class, with 2 qualifiers, and the B-Main. Surpriseingly, I actually won the B-Main, and got a chance at the Gold! Unfortunatly, one lap into the A-Main, I had trouble with my truck, and had to drop out... :-( Oh well, just making it to the A-Main on my first time up there was quite impressive. :-)
Got to go for lunch,
Andrew B.

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