Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mayday, Mayday!

SOS! Time has gotten away! Help me catch it again! ;-)
How can it be the first of May already? I haven't posted in over half a month! Yikes! I have been busy with cleaning grain, as we finally got my grain cleaner running on the 19th. We are just about done with the season, only a couple more guys to finish up as soon as the weather cooperates... :-) On Monday I have to go in to the bank and make my 1st payment on my grain cleaner. Whew! What a hectic couple of weeks.
On the lighter side, last Saturday, Cora and I were able to ride along with some of the Dagley family and some of the S. family, to the (Homeschool) graduation party for a mutual friend of ours, RubyAnn. :-) We had a good time listening to all of the music, the speeches, visiting with a bunch of friends, and eating chocolate covered strawberries! :-) For more info, and some pictures, check out Cora's post HERE. I am in the habit of video taping just about every event I go to, and this was no exception... Now I am working on making a DVD of the recording, for a late graduation gift. ;-) (Yes, I will be sending you one RubyAnn, but it might take a while...)
--- Cora and Jacob want to watch a movie now, so I will have to cut this short. I will write more when I get some time...
Andrew B.

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