Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why I haven't been posting...

Hey, I'm back!

"What has he been doing," you might be asking yourself, "that he hasn't been posting for so long..." Well, one of the reasons is that I have had another busy week, but the other reason is that my computer monitor has found it's other purpose in life, and hasn't wanted to just be a monitor any more... :-) Meaning that I have had my monitor/HDTV set up in the living room, so that we can watch the TV coverage of the Olympics. :-)
We could watch some of the Olympics online Here, but they only show little clips of things, and the video quality leaves something to be desired... So, when the Olympics began, and we found ourselves wanting to watch them again, (First time in 12 years!) I decided to try to hook up the old antenna that is hanging in our attic, and see if we could pick up anything...
I knew there was a wire coming down somewhere in the living room, as we had cut it off when we moved here and didn't think we would ever have a use for it... After digging around for a while, trying to find the hole where it used to come through the wall, Dad said he was pretty sure the wire came down on the OUTSIDE of the house. Oh! I wonder why I didn't remember that wire hanging there... ;-) Anyway, after a short trip outside I stuck the old antenna cable through one of the living room windows, hooked it up to my TV, turned the TV the direction I wanted it, and took a nice seat.
Power on > switch to TV input > Figure out how to use the remote... ;-) > Menu > Setup > Scan for TV channels > Results -- Nothing! Rather dismayed, I looked behind the TV to make sure everything was hooked up, and sure enough, my antenna cable had come unplugged when I turned the TV around... I plugged it back in, CAREFULLY turned the TV back to where I wanted it, and tried again. SUCCESS! After flipping through a couple of channels, (I almost forgot how...) I found the one I was looking for, and was greeted by a barrage of advertisements, and the local news team with the latest weather report... Hmmm, no wonder we got rid of the TV!
The Olympics weren't on till later, so I flipped through the other channels to see what was on. Hmm, Wheel of Fortune, America's Funniest Home Videos, a cooking show, a dumb movie, more advertisements... What was I doing? I hit the power button and got up. You sure can waste a lot of time just watching TV! I know we won't be watching TV regularly, but once every four years for the Olympics, it is kind of nice... And it's even in HD! Cool!
Well, I need to get going now, but I will be posting a post that I started sometime last week a little later, so check back for a new Mystery Sound!
Andrew B.

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