Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello again!

We have had another busy week, but since I posted last Tuesday, I will just continue from there...

Wednesday was spent in sorting off Cora's calves from the rest of the herd, and then hauling them in to the Napoleon Livestock Auction. Mom and Jacob were in Bismarck, so Dad, Cora, and I had to work with the cows by ourselves... Thankfully the animals all cooperated, and we got all the calves to the sales barn without incident.

Thursday afternoon, Cora and Jacob went to town to watch Cora's calves go through the ring, but by the time they got there, they were already sold! O well...

Dad and I spent Thursday and Friday working on my grain cleaner, as that is top priority right now. We have to get it ready to run before the grain cleaning season starts, which could be as soon as the end of the month. We have been making a good bit of progress, although we are still a long way from done... Yesterday, we finally got the generator set in place on top of the goose neck, but it still has to be bolted down and wired in. Then we have to reposition the large fan beside it, which then needs to be bolted down, wired in, and re-ducted; we have to figure out how to mount 3 augers, a tip scale, and a hydraulic system to run the rear auger and a drag auger; how to modify the building framework so that all of the augers can be folded in, and still be able to close up the sides... Get the picture? We have definatly made some progress, but there still is a long way to go. :-)

Got to go,

Andrew B.

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