Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wow! It's already the 4th, and I am finally posting my first post of the year... What have we been up to? Well, scroll down and you will see...

December 25th is my Mom's Birthday, and it was also a blizzard, so we stayed home and celebrated. Here are a couple of pictures:

1 new camera,

"Andrew, Will you take some pictures for me?"
Here I am setting up the VCR so we can watch one of Mom's new videos; "Emma"

Last Wednesday, the 30th, Jacob and I rode with Mom up to Bismarck to do some errands, and to check out the public ice hockey rinks up there. There were a couple of other people at the rink when we got there, so we all got together and played hockey for an hour or so, then we had to go back to Mom's office. Here are some pictures of the rink:

Jacob and one of the other boys batting the puck around. (Jacob in the black :-) )

I am thinking of setting up a homeschool skating/hockey party at one of the rinks in Bismarck, or maybe even a homeschool hockey club. Let me know if you would be interested... :-)
The next day, New Years Eve, we went to some friends house for a New Years Party. We had a fun time fellowshiping, singing hymns, and playing games. Cora was playing Dutch Blitz with some of the younger people there...

... While I was teaching the older children how to play Pit:

What a fun day! We ended up getting home about 3:30 in the morning, so we were all rather tired the next day...
I guess that is about all for now,
Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,
What a great post!! It's so much fun to recall precious times with friends through your eyes.
I will pray that your dream of at least ONE home school hockey day will come into reality yet this Winter!

Jonathan said...

Andrew, I'm sure if we lived closer to Bismarck we would be excited to be part of a homeschool hockey group! But we don't, and there not much I can do about that. :-( I hope it works out for you, though!

Cora Beth said...

I like your new header Andrew! What a neat picture... :)