Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi all,

I have been playing with speech recognition lately, and so I thought I would try writing a blog post that way. It really works quite well, although it does make a mistake once in awhile. So far I have only had to fix one thing; it didn't know what a blog was! The other day when I was training it, it thought I said Jacob was a chicken!

Well, Jacob is bugging me to go play a different computer game, and now he's telling me to delete this sentence, even though it's the truth! HaHa! If you haven't ever tried talking to your computer, you should give it a try sometime. It's really fun! And, you can generally talk a lot faster than you can type. Speech recognition is a built in feature in both Windows Vista and Windows 7. It works with most word editing programs, although it has a problem working with Blogger. In order to use it on this post, I had to first talk it up in an e-mail and then paste it to Blogger later.

Well, I need to get going.
Andrew B.


Jonathan said...

Does it include the ahhh's and ummmmm's? Sounds like fun!

Cora Beth said...

What fun, Andrew!

Unknown said...

Hey Jonathan,
No, it doesn't. It actually works pretty good, if you take the time to train it a while... It is rather fun, although I don't know if it is really that practical...

Thanks for the comment,

Andrew B.

Anonymous said...

Does your working on this have anything to do with my favor to try to find a way to orally save my session reports?

Unknown said...

Yes... That is the reason I started working with it, but then found out it was pretty cool!
Andrew B.