Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Update...

Hello all,

Well, once again it is time for an update... I know I should have posted an update some time ago, but I just kept putting it off...

We have been very busy around here, working on many different things, as well as just slowing down a little bit and having fun as a family.

Last Saturday, the 19th, our family went down to Eureka to be with my Dad's family for an early Christmas.
(Next day)

Mom went to Bismarck today, and isn't home yet so I have a couple of minutes to write. I probably won't get this done tonight anymore, so it will sit on my computer another day...
Our family has been enjoying ice skating on a frozen slough up in our pasture. Last Sunday, we decided to take one of the loader tractors up there and push some of the snow off of the ice, so we could have a larger place to skate and play hockey.

All was going well, although the ice was creaking quite a bit... We were having fun skating and pushing off the snow with some shovels, when suddenly something went CRACK! We all looked towards the tractor, and sure enough, this is what we saw:
Thankfully, the water is only about two feet deep in this particular slough, so it wasn't really a big problem. We tried pulling the tractor out with my pickup, but didn't have enough chain to get the pickup on solid ground. We ended up driving the other tractor up there a little later on, and with the aid of a couple more chains, it came right out. Whew! :-)
Mom just got home, so I need to go...
More later,
Andrew B.

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Peter said...

Hi Andrew!

I enjoy skating a lot too! At least when there is not too much snow to shovel, but now I think we're pretty much done skating for this year. Nobody wants to go shovel with all the snow we just got in the past few days. I think it's close to 12 inches out there now.