Saturday, March 24, 2012

More convention pictures!

Hello out there! I will continue updating by blog here as I get a chance between customers... :-)

 Last night was the Talent night, where families could get up on stage and perform some music or a skit for the encouragement, enlightenment, and entertainment of the rest of us... :-) It was very enjoyable once again; there is certainly a lot of talent around here!  I did video tape the whole thing once again this year, so keep an eye on my blog and/or my YouTube channel for those videos in the near future.

 As of right now, I have a lot of pictures to share with you, so we'll start off with one of our Kitchen Crew in action:


Me at work: 

Here is a shot of two adorable little girls, who happen to look a little bit bored... :-)

Ha! Caught you!

 The next couple of shots are from the Talent Night:

More soon!
  Andrew B.

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