Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plenty of projects, and very nice weather!

Well, it appears like our beautiful weather is finally giving way to old man winter...  The past couple of weeks have been exceptionally nice, with very little to no snow on the ground, and temps in the upper forties and mid fifties!   Last night a cold front moved through, and brought a little bit of snow, a strong North-West wind, and temps in the single digits -- much more seasonal weather for this part of the country!

 Yesterday we went and helped some friends of ours with working their calves.  Mr. K. had got run over by a calf several weeks ago, and hurt one of his ribs, so was not able to do some of the harder work... Thankfully we had beautiful weather, and everything went pretty well.

 My most recent car project is pretty much finished now, and I have been driving it around some...  I took all of the old decals off myself, then went to a place in Bismarck and had them put "Charger" where the word "Sheriff" used to be:

 I also got a wheel alignment, and my air conditioning recharged, so it's ready to roll! :-)

  Here is something else new in our yard:

It's another grain cleaning unit, which Dad recently purchased. We are intending on removing one of the cleaners and puting a different one on, so we have plenty of work to keep us busy...

 Here you can see it sitting next to dad's other cleaner:

Looks like we'll have another busy winter/spring!
   Best get to bed,
      Andrew B.

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