Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas present to myself!

Dad and I spent much of Christmas day working over in the shop, as our family doesn't do much for Christmas, and I was really wanting to get my car finished up and out of the shop...  That goal was accomplished, as I was able to get the car out and drive it around a little bit. :-)  I do need to work on a couple of minor things yet, but it is at least in drivable condition now!  Here are a couple of pictures I took this morning:

Unfortunately I am going to have to have the Sheriff decaling removed, or else I might get in trouble for impersonating an officer... :-(  Oh well, better safe than sorry...
  Got to go,
    Andrew B.


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Andrew,
What an awesome car! I'm so happy for you!

Patrick said...

Hi Andrew, Happy New Year! Hope you all have a blessed 2012.
That's a neat car! What are the engine specs? Can you smoke the tires?;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Patrick! Happy new year to you too!
The car is an '08 Dodge Charger. It has a 3.5L High Output V6 engine, and 5-speed automatic transmission. It spins the tires pretty easy on gravel, but haven't spun them on pavement yet... Not sure if it would or not, haven't really tromped on it hard yet. :-)
Andrew B.