Saturday, September 3, 2011

A long overdue update... :-)

Hello all!
 We have had a lot of things going on around here once again, and I have unfortunately been neglecting keeping up with them here on my blog... So I will try to give a quick rundown of the highlights of the past couple of weeks:

 On Wednesday the 24th, my Great-Uncle and Aunt R. and my second-cousin Hristiyan arrived after a long drive from Waukesha, Wisconsin. After a short visit over supper, they (My Great-Uncle and Aunt) continued on their journey to Bismarck, leaving Hristiyan here with us for a nearly week-long vacation!  I won't go into too much detail here, as Hristiyan has posted a good synopsis of his time here over at his blog "Man of Camo"  Cora has also posted a number of pictures over at her blog as well...  Suffice it to say that we enjoyed his visit immensely, and look forward to seeing him again! Here are a couple of quick pictures I took of him when we were over in the hay field:

 "Hey, don't take my picture!"

"OK, I guess one won't hurt..." :-)

And here you can see Hristiyan proudly standing on the bed of the "White Truck", which he was happily driving for us when we were stacking bales.  Thanks for the help Hristiyan!

We also spent a couple of mornings working on getting the old grain cleaner out of the Kintyre elevator, as the elevator will be closing down, and so we were able to purchase their old screen cleaner.   This project was made a little more complex by the fact that the cleaner had to come out of the North side of the elevator, which happens to be right by the railroad tracks... Here you can see Dad hooking the straps onto the cleaner so we can pull it out of the elevator a little bit:

(Several hours later...)   It's getting late, so I will have to make this short. :-)  We got the grain cleaner home, and into the shop where we can work on it a little, as it was sorely neglected in it's previous location... ;-)

  Of course we have been busy with the usual farm work as well, trying to get the second cutting of alfalfa put up amidst all of the cool, rainy weather... We are also getting close to starting our small grain harvest; we already have most of the wheat swathed down, so as soon as we get the combines all fixed up again, we should be able to go... :-) Your prayers for dry weather would be greatly appreciated!
  Best get to bed,
    Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I told you NOT to post that picture!!!!!! You're a regular sneak!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Hristiyan,
I can take the picture down if you want me to, I guess I didn't think you were serious… I thought it captured your fun spirit excellently! Let me know if you would like me to remove it... :-)
Andrew B.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is OK. You can keep it on, but I was surprised to see it after saying that.