Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pictures from the Threshing Bee!

I am back again, after a week long absence... :-)

  We had a good time at the threshing bee again, as I always enjoy looking at the old equipment and machines... This year there was the new addition of an old fashioned Blacksmith shop:

This year's featured tractor, the 1923 SAMSON Model M:

Jacob really enjoyed looking at this nicely restored Chevrolet Impala:

One of the classic Rumely Oil Pull tractors:

Who could that be driving the early 30's Unstyled B? :-)

A really nice 1925 Model T Ford:

After the parade, I helped out with the Corn husking demonstration:

Here is a compilation of several video clips from the Threshing Bee:

Hope you enjoy all of the pictures!
    Andrew B.


Dawn Bornemann said...

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the wonderful post! I must be getting soft!!! When I was a young mom, I loved going over there and showing you all of those wonderful inventions from the past. We would make any place we went to a learning adventure, wouldn't we?
However, now THAT all looks so much like hard, dangerous work. Since we read that chapter about how machines are NOT the cause for unemployment and all the other woes of life, I have come to truly enjoy the wonderful conveniences of our modern life! After all, who would REALLY want to walk behind a pair of draft horses or oxen or mules all day if they didn't have to?
I appreciate all that you do to keep the Threshing Bee going, though. We need to take a look backwards now and then to know how much we have to be thankful for!
I'm proud of you, Andrew!

Patrick said...

Hi Andrew, So that's what they did before chainsaws, huh? A very interesting post!