Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today's projects...

Today we spent most of the day cleaning out one of the grain bins, moving the grain to a different (Larger) bin... Dad was cleaning some grain for a neighbor of ours this morning, so after chores Jacob and I unloaded the "Orange Box", then set up the drag auger in the (First) grain bin as it was getting empty, and started shuttling grain to the other bin... After loading the old Ford truck, moving it to the other bin, and getting the auger running, I had a couple of minutes to work on the lawn mower, as dad had got some parts for it in town yesterday... It's kind of funny, we have 3 riding lawn mowers around here, and none of them were working! My John Deere needs an engine overhaul, the green one has a bad bearing on the mower deck, and the Craftsman needed a new air filter, and a couple odds and ends... At least that one wasn't too hard to fix! :-)
I also spent a little time working on the snowmobile, as I had found out yesterday the mice had been using it as a storage room--Lots of seeds and other objectionable items stuffed in the air vents and the pull starter... I did get it cleaned out and running again, and gave the little varmints something else to chew on--a couple bars of mouse bait! :-)
I guess it's time to get to bed,
Andrew B.

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Kimberly said...

Pesky things! Death to mice!!! We had one in our house about a month ago. Tim finally got it but it left behind it's distinctive odor that took me weeks to get rid of!