Monday, August 2, 2010

Working in the shop...

Hello all,
Another weekend has gone by without me posting to my blog, so I will have to make a quick post this morning... :-)
As most of you probably know, Mom and Jacob are currently in Georgia for a class they are taking, so the house is a little quieter for a couple of days. They had a good flight down there, and seem to be enjoying themselves... :-) We would appreciate prayers for a safe trip home as well.
Dad and I have been working in the shop the past couple of days, as the weather has been quite wet, which isn't very conducive to making hay... Our latest project? Tear apart the old Chevy pickup known around here as "Rusty"! More specifically, tear apart the motor and use some of the parts to repair the motor from our "White Truck" -- an old Chevy 2-ton truck with the same model of engine... The "White Truck" hasn't been running very well lately, and after some diagnostics we have come to the conclusion that the problem is either the camshaft, or the lifters, -- both of which mean almost a complete tear down! But, seeing as we have the motor from "Rusty", which used to run very good (before it started pumping oil in the wrong places...), we have decided to attempt to swap the good parts into the motor from the "White Truck"... A big job! I will try to get some pictures of the whole project, but when you're laying on your back under a vehicle, and your hands are covered in grease, one of the last things you want to do is grab that nice clean camera and start taking pictures, so I can't guarantee anything! ;-)
A picture of the"White Truck":
"Rusty" with the motor taken out:
Another view:
"The" motor, hanging from the cherry picker:
The other side:

My other project, which I am finished with for the time being:
Look familiar? Now I just need some snow, but not for a couple of months!
Got to go do chores and get back to work...
Andrew B.


Kimberly said...

Looks like a big job!

Hristiyan said...

Yellow seat cover looks nice! Is the motor working on the snowmobile?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes, the motor works on the snowmobile, very good even! I put on the yellow seat cover for two reasons: Yellow is my favorite color, and it is also one of the John Deere colors...
Andrew B.