Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post number 90...

I am finally getting close to having one hundred posts, but if I keep posting at the rate I have been, it will probably be 2011 till I get there!
We have been busy with haying once again, although we will have a short break soon as our next field isn't quite ready yet...
Tomorrow we will be getting our combines ready to go, and trying them out on one of our wheat fields that we swathed a couple of days ago... Hopefully the old machines won't complain too much! We had them both running a couple of days ago, but still need to get the headers ready and all of the adjustments made... It usually takes a couple of hours just to get the combines set!
We did finally get the "White Truck" back in operation; we ended up changing out the camshaft for a good used one that we bought from a neighbor who had one laying around, and also swapping the intake manifold and carburetor for a different one we had from an old engine... Now she runs like a top!
~ How do you like my new layout? Leave me a comment!
Andrew B.


Jonathan said...

I like the new look! Say, is your header picture one that Jacob took on his recent flight?????

Anonymous said...

Like the new layout Andrew,

Hope to see you this afternoon,

Also have a printer for you when you get to town.