Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review of our Appleseed

Hello again!

 Well, it's all over. Our Appleseed is done...  There has been a good deal of writing about it at my sister's blog, as well as Jonathan Bartlett's blog, so check them out. I will just give a quick review here. :-)

 Our gathering started on Friday, with Jonathan and Peter Bartlett arriving about 4:00. The Appleseed instructors (Alex and Kyle) arrived at about 5:30, and our friends, Ben and Amanda, got here about 9:00. We all had a fun evening doing chores, eating supper, and playing foosball and air hockey:

Saturday morning, after doing the chores, and after everyone was signed up, (There were 4 more people who came in the morning) we all headed out to the range. But, seeing as our range is out in our pasture, and the trail out there is quite muddy from all the rain recently, we had to use my pickup as a sort of taxi:

Anyway, we all got out there, and got the program going. Seeing as the weather was not the nicest, we all came in for lunch, and had our History lesson in the house. Then it was back to the range for a few more hours of instruction.

 Here are the "Orange hatters" showing the proper use of the hasty sling:

"Peter, show us the steady hold factors for the prone position."

Saturday's program ended at 4:30, at which time we all headed back to the farm for a time of fellowship, more games, music, chores, and supper... (Not necessarily in that order)

 To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting more pictures! That last one makes it look like I'm stepping on Peter's leg. Maybe I was?????? Strange.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Jonathan.
Yes, it does look that way... I think that you were probably stepping OVER him, not actually stepping on him. :-)