Monday, October 12, 2009

More Appleseed pictures: Sunday -- Persistance Pays Off

We started the Appleseed at 9:00 Sunday, to give us a little more time for chores, as well as to give the weather a chance to warm up a little bit.  Day 2 of an appleseed is more practice of what you have learned on day 1, although they do teach a couple new things as well.

 Here are some more photos for your enjoyment, although I am not completely sure all of these are from Sunday. :-)

Some of us boys standing on the "Backstop;"

"Make sure you get the sling as far up on your arm as possable;"

Kyle helping Mom with, um, something. :-)

One of the main goals of an Appleseed is to help people improve their shooting skills. Improve their skills to the point that they can score Rifleman on the AQT (The AQT is the Army Qualification Test, which is the type of target used most at an Appleseed.) Well, I was shooting very close to Rifleman scores, but just not quite... I still hadn't made "Rifleman" by the end of the Appleseed, but Jonathan was willing to stay a little longer, while I shot some more AQTs. (Thanks Jonathan!)

After two more tries, I finally made it. YIPEE!!!  The Bartletts had to leave shortly after, but they stayed long enough to take a picture of all of us boys (Maybe I should say 'Young Men'):

Then, Jonathan gave me my official Appleseed Rifleman Badge:


Here is a close up of the badge:

The Bartlett Boys had to leave for home right away, so here they are getting ready to go:

  Overall, I had a very good time at the Appleseed. I really enjoyed having so many friends here, and the chance to learn alot about shooting well. Maybe we will do it again next year!?!?

 Andrew B.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
I am soooooooooo proud of your persistance!!!!
CONGRATUALTIONS on making "Rifleman".
I am a little puzzled by your "Maybe we will do it again next year?" statement though. What do you think that the rest of us don't want to make Rifleman too? :)
I'm just happy to see that it probably won't take me 10 more shoots to get there. Maybe in 3 or 4 I'll be able to go from my high score of 173 to the required score of 210 points. We'll see........
Good job and thanks for all of your hard work to make the shoot possible!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew! Thanks for posting more pictures. I think Peter and I had at least as much fun as the shooters, and we certainly hope that your family will consider hosting another one next year! Maybe a little bit earlier, though? Anyway, gotta go. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

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