Monday, October 19, 2009


I once thought of calling my blog A.N.D.R.E.W.  which would have been short for "A North Dakota Review Each Week", but then I thought I would HAVE to write once a week, no more, no less. It turns out that's about all I write anyway! :-) Anybody have a better acronym?

 Well, This past week has been a full one. I totally rebuilt Mom's "Zapper" (A little electronic device for killing internal parisites, read the book "A Cure for All Cancers" by Dr. Hulda Clark.)
 I had built the original model about 8 years ago, at which time I didn't know how to solder, so I just used little jumper wires to connect everything... Then, every so often, one (or more) of the little wires would fall off, and I had to take time to put it back together... Seeing as that was getting old, and I now know how to solder, I decided I would just fix it once and for all! Here is the outcome:

 Needless to say, Mom was very happy as well!

 I spent most of the week working on machinery around here, trying to get the combines ready for the sunflower harvest. On Friday, Dad and I changed the oil in the van, then changed the oil in my pickup, and rotated the tires... (Ie. Front ones on the back, back ones on the front... It makes your tires last a little longer, and I would like to get as many miles as possable out of the old ones before they have to be replaced...)

 Saturday we all went down to Eureka, SD. to visit my Grandparents, and to pick the rest of the apples from my Grandpa's tree. Now we have more apples to process...

 I guess I should go up to the pasture and check the cows now, so I will have to go.

 Andrew B.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,
A MILLION thank you's for not only "Fixing" my zapper but totally building me a new one!!! WOW!!!

Thanks for all that you do around here to bless our family!!

Love you, son,