Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remember the Appleseed Shoot coming up!


Just wanted to get this information out to you all. This was copied from my good friend Jonathan's blog: If you haven't heard about the Appleseed Project, you should check out Thanks!

"August 22-23, here at our farm. Don't forget to pre-register! Event info can be found at email is not working so if any of you have tried to contact me in the past week, I didn't get it. You can comment on my blog and I will get your note when I sign in to blogger (I won't publish it if it's a personal note). "


Jonathan said...

Are you coming, Andrew? I hope it will work out this time!

Unknown said...

Hey Jonathan,
Yes, Jacob and I are planning on coming! Hopefully we don't get sick at the last minute, like last time. :-) Looking forward to seeing you then!