Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Home Again!

Vacation's over! Jacob and I got home last night about 7:00, just in time for chores. :-)

We had a wonderful time up at the Bartlett's; both for the Appleseed, and the time we could spend with our friends. I will post some pictures for now, and will try to find time for a more detailed explanation later.
Here is a picture of our Appleseed Instructor, Alex.
This picture is looking downrange at all of the targets.
The firing line:
Jacob and I on the firing line:
It was fun! More later...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,
I am so very happy for you to have gotten away for a few days! I'm very happy that you got to attend the Appleseed Shoot AND that you got to spend time with the Bartlett family. See, dreams do come true! :)
I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts concerning the shoot when you have the time to share more.
God bless,
PS. Thanks for taking picures!