Saturday, August 1, 2009


Where does time go? This summer has really been going fast!

Well, we have been keeping busy making hay, (You are probably thinking that's all we do, and you are close to right! :-) ) as well as doing chores, and trying to keep all of our equipment in working order. Thursday, we had to fix a bearing on one baler, a bearing holder on another baler, and the thermostat on our bi-directional tractor!

One of my current projects is working on making an informational/promotional DVD for Prairie Days, an annual event put on by our friends, the Dagleys. Here is a little trailer I put together, the DVD will be available for purchase later...

(After Lunch)

I guess I should finish this post, or it might sit here on my computer for a couple more hours...

Today, I got a Shubb 5th string capo for my Banjo. I had an interesting time mounting it on my banjo, as I hadn't ever done one before, but it worked out fine. I ordered a capo for the other strings as well, but it hasn't come yet... So for now I will have to continue using my Lego one. :)

Got to go,

Andrew B.

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Jonathan said...

I liked the trailer, and a glad to hear you bought a 5th string capo! You'll use it all the time, if you're like me. :-) It gives the songs a different sound, besides making it easier to play in keys that the singer chooses, if someone is singing.