Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey! I'm Back!

Hi all of you out there!
Guess what? I'm still alive! LOL I am sorry for not posting in soooooo long, but I have been excessivly busy........ I finished cleaning grain (for now) last Monday. It was a lot of work, and a lot of headaches, but it was a start in business, and I didn't mind making some money either. :-)

Last Friday we chased our cows up to our summer pasture, which is about 4 miles up the road. The cows were rather hungry, and kept on wanting to stop and eat grass in the ditch. :-) I think my sister has posted some pictures on her blog, as she has been keeping up with blogging in her spare time. We did eventually get them up there, and now someone has to drive up there and check them every day... Oh, did I mention the road is impassable with a 4x4 pickup? We have to drive our dirt bikes up to check them, but it is fun really. :-)

The past couple of days Dad and I have been working on cleaning out the lots, and spreading a lot of manure on one of our fields. Farming isn't always fun, and certianly doesn't always smell good!

Got to go,



Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, Andrew! Jonathan B

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew,
I agree with Jonathan--it's great to see that you remember how to write things other than receipt tickets. :)
Been reading your book for the graduation?