Friday, May 1, 2009

Grain Cleaning

Hi all!

I am currently standing around watching the grain cleaner, so I thought I would try writing a blog post on my iPod. It probably won't get posted until tonight when I get home, but I guess that will have to be good enough.
Sorry for not posting more often, but I have been very busy cleaning grain, and with Grandma's funeral, etc. I am enjoying cleaning grain, as it really isn't very hard, and I can make a lot of money!
It is rather hard to write a long letter on my iPod as the keyboard is very small. Here is a picture of the screen as I am typing this.

The weather today is a lot nicer than it was yesterday. Right now it is sunny, about 45 degrees, with a fairly cold wind from the West. Yesterday it was quite a bit colder, the sky was cloudy, and it sprinkled on and off most of the day; not nice weather to be standing outside in!
More later,
Andrew B.

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Cora Beth said...

I wish it wouldn't be so windy for you day in and day out, but at least tomorrow you get a break from it all!

Jonathan said...

iPods are neat. :-)