Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prairie Days 2012 pictures!

~Warning: Long Picture Post!~

I had a very good time at Prairie Days once again, enjoyed getting together with old friends, and meeting new ones! I came home with somewhat over 400 pictures on my camera, so have plenty to share with you all! Lets see:

Of course I have to share a picture of the classic Tug-of-War.  PULL!

 Anybody want a ride?

 During the "Costume Party", everybody was encouraged to dress up as some charactor, either historical or fictional... Can you guess who Cora and her good friend Miranda are supposed to be?

Can you figure out who Charity is impersonating?

 "The Doctors Office" -- a very fun skit performed by some friends of ours:

Thanks Mom for snapping this one of me:

Jacob and I with our new friend, Micah:

 Cora, with her new friends Lauretta and Sarena:

 A good discussion around the campfire:

Vollyball, of course!

A new game, "Capture the Bacon"   (Thanks Lauretta and Sarena for teaching all of us!)

  Who is going to get it?

 Many more pictures to come... Check back again!
  Andrew B.

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Patrick said...

Hi Andrew, That looks like a lot of fun! I looked through the pictures to see if I know anybody in them, I saw Chris in one of them. Wish I could have been there!

God bless!