Thursday, November 24, 2011

So much to be thankful for...

We have so much to be thankful for, why do we only have one day in the year designated for being thankful?  I try to be thankful every day, not just one!
  Today I am thankful for a loving God, and his forgiveness of our sins, and for a country in which we are free to worship Him as we see fit.  I am thankful for a loving family...
  I am thankful for very nice weather, as it has given us time to get a lot of outside work finished up before Winter... (We have been spending the past couple of days working in the shop, as we are building a wall and insulating the front half so we can keep it heated in the winter...)
 I am thankful that the car I have been working on is almost done, and seams to be working well! I will be taking it for a drive tomorrow... :-)

 There are so many things to be thankful for, how can anybody be a grouch?   Mom and Dad are currently watching "Pollyanna", one of our favorite movies, and also probably the most appropriate Thanksgiving movie we have... 

 For those of you who may be wondering what those pictures at the end of my last post were, here is another picture that should pretty well explain it:

Kind of a long story, but I will try to shorten it as much as possible:   I was at the junkyard in Mandan the other day, getting some parts for my Dodge Intrepid, and saw this car sitting out front.  I asked how much they wanted for it, but didn't really think about it too much as I had other things on my mind...  The next day or two I just couldn't get it out of the back of my mind, so I decided to go up and take another look at it, and ended up bringing it back home with me...
 It's an '08 Dodge Charger, that used to belong to the McHenry county sheriff's department, until one of the officers ran over some large obstacle while following a suspect in some less than desirable driving conditions...   The car consequently needs a new engine, engine mounting frame, radiator, radiator mounting brackets, A/C condenser, and I'm not even sure what all else...    I haven't really had time to tear into it too much, as I have spent all of my spare time fixing up the Intrepid. :-)

  That's all for now -- Remember to be thankful!
     Andrew B.


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Andrew,
Amongst all of my many blessings, I am most thankful for salvation too! Then on my thankful list comes gratitude for my precious family, which includes YOU!
Thanks for all that you do around here, Andrew. This includes not only all of the work that you do, but all of your "Extra curricular activities" that make it so interesting to live here.
Most of all, though, I love your whistling that cheers my heart whenever I hear it! God bless you, dear Andrew!
Happy black Friday. ;)

Jonathan said...

Pretty neat having a police car! Too bad you can't have lights on it too.

Hristiyan M. said...

Hi Andrew,

Nice car. Did you take any pictures of the inside that you could show me?

Can you still use the spotlight on the driver's side? Are you going to keep that car? You'd better! :)

If I had the money, I would buy the car from you!


Unknown said...

Thanks all for the comments!
~Jonathan, going to have to check into what decals I can leagaly leave on, and what I have to take off... It does look really cool right now, but I think I might get into trouble if I drove it around much... :-)
~Hristiyan, I did take a couple of pictures of the inside, but didn't get around to posting them... I will probably post quite a few more pictures once I actually get it in the shop and start taking it apart. Yes, the spotlight works! I would like to keep the car, but may have to sell it if I run too short on cash... :( Hopefully that won't happen though!
Andrew B.