Saturday, November 19, 2011

A party, beer, a hot car, and the police!

Hello all,
  If you read the title of this post, you might think I was in some sort of trouble... Rest assured, I am not! Keep reading for an explanation of all of the above...   But first, an update on my project I posted about in my last post:

"Look Ma, no headlights!"
I have been working on the Intrepid quite a bit, and believe I am nearing completion... I just need a special tool to get the camshaft timing set correctly -- I ordered one online, but it hasn't arrived yet... Here are a couple of pictures of the current state of affairs:

Here you can see the engine, mostly put back together...

The remaining parts!
Anybody need a good car? :-) I did get my other Intrepid (the silver one) sold a week and a half ago, for which I am very thankful! I will need to sell this one too, as soon as I get it working properly, as I need some money for my next project, which is a -- WAIT! That is supposed to be a surprise! More on that later... ;-)

 Last Saturday was my 21st Birthday! Wow, where does time fly? It's hard to believe I can be that old already, it seams not that long ago that I was a little kid...    We had a fun day; playing games, watching good movies, and opening presents... My brother Jacob's birthday is one week before mine, so we usually have a combined birthday party -- or a whole week long one! :-) This year the party ended up being on my Birthday, as Mom and I went to Fargo on Jacob's birthday... That's another story...

  Some of the presents my wonderful family gave me:

An expansion to one of my favorite games, "Agricola"  Thanks Cora!

A very nice Bible cover, and a new bible to go in it!

A "Courageous" movie T-shirt! Thanks Mom!

A lighted hockey puck!   Thanks Jacob!  I am sure we will have a lot of fun with that!

What better gift for a 21 year old, than a six pack of beer?  A six pack of ROOT BEER! (Thanks Dad, both for the gift, and for your good example!)

A magnetic parts\tool tray... Thanks Dad!

And a very nice tie!  Thanks Mom!

We had fun playing the board game "Automobile", watching a new movie Cora gave me, and other things... It was a good day!

  I think I will cut this here, and start another post so this doesn't get so long... In the mean time you can all guess what these might mean:

Andrew B.

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Andrew,
You are such a nut!!! You sounded kind of wild there for a minute, but I wasn't worried!
I'm glad that you enjoyed your birthday, Andrew. I wish you a wonderful life crammed full of projects to keep your very active mind busy and OUT of trouble. ;)
Happy Sabbath, my Sonny Boy!