Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain, rain and more RAIN!

Question: How do you make hay when it won't stop raining for more than three days in a row?
Answer:  You don't!

  We have been having a lot of wild weather this year, which has made it quite difficult to make hay... We got another round of thunderstorms last night, which dumped about 1.1" of rain here at the farm, and several inches over by our other fields...  We have a lot of water standing in the ditches, and some places where the roads are under water again...  It will be several days before we can hay again.

 In the mean time, we have been working on several projects, including getting the swather fixed up and ready to go, working on a few things on the combines, etc.  This morning on our way over to our field by Hazelton, we were driving our old field pickup, when suddenly we herd a clanking noise of some sort, saw a little steam, and knew something was wrong... After a short inspection, we discovered that the old block heater had somehow managed to blow out of the engine block, which then allowed all of the coolant to blow out as well... Thankfully we were only a couple of miles from home, so we had Cora and Jacob bring out my pickup and the van; Dad and I took my pickup over to Hazelton, and Cora and Jacob came back with the van.   We were able to get a new block heater this afternoon, and have it all put back together already.

 That's all for now!
   Andrew B.


Patrick said...

Hi Andrew,
Sounds like you've really been having some unusual weather!
Glad you were able to fix your farm truck quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,

Sorry about all the rain you're getting. A least there will be more fields to help you guys hay, unless it rains when I am with you guys. See you soon.


Unknown said...

Yes, we have had some strange weather this year... We are definitely in a wet cycle!

I am sure there will be plenty of work to be done when you are here, weather it rains or not! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Andrew B.