Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prairie Days 2011: Friday

Hello All!

I will start off my official review of the 9th Annual "Prairie Days" with a photo of the welcoming sign posted at the entrance to "The Park":

Once again, our family had a very enjoyable time at Prairie Days, both being with old friends, and meeting new ones. This year we had the opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers, the K. family from Minnesota, so that was a lot of fun!  Be sure to check out their blog "Green Pastures Farm

 Prairie Days started out on Friday this year, with the special addition of an Appleseed shoot! If you are not familiar with the Project Appleseed program, be sure to check it out at http://www.appleseedinfo.org/.  It is basically a marksmanship class, with the special addition of some history of the American Revolution... Very interesting, and also very helpful!   My good friend Jonathan, (From "High on a Mountain") is the ND coordinator for the Appleseed project, and also a "Shoot Boss" -- the head instructor for an Appleseed event.  Seeing as there were quite a few people registered to attend, and none of the other instructors were able to come, he asked me to be a "Range Safety Officer." Basically I made sure that all of the guns were unloaded and safe, and helped with some of the demonstrations... It was a lot of fun! Here you can see me in the official Appleseed sweatshirt and cap:

I also like this photo of Jonathan and I:

Here is a photo of the shooting line:

And everybody down at the end of the range examining their targets:

 Here you can see everybody in the house for lunch, and a quick history lesson:

We actually arrived at Prairie Days on Thursday evening, in order to be there right away Friday morning. Here are a couple of pictures of us boys setting up our tent:

 Thankfully we didn't have any really bad weather, although it did rain some... Glad our tent didn't leak!

 That's about all I have to say for Friday, but check back soon for the rest of my review!
  Andrew B.


Patrick said...

Hi Andrew, Prairie Days sounds like it was really fun, we always wanted to go when we lived in ND, but we never quite made it. That's neat that you had an Appleseed shoot there, I was at the second day of the first Appleseed shoot in ND, they really give you some good points on improving your accuracy!

Carra said...

Great pictures. :) Someday I want to learn to shoot. None of my family hunts... sadly. But I want to learn someday, if the Lord permits me.
May He bless ya'll.