Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

 As I am sitting in front of my computer listening to Christmas music, I start to ponder the question "What is it about Christmas, that special something that makes people more happy than any other time of the year?" I am beginning to think that it is the joy of giving, that happiness that comes from making somebody happy. Here is a little example:
  Last week I was standing in line at the local Walmart, waiting for the slow moving traffic of overloaded carts to pass through the line in front of me... After a long wait, it was finally my turn. After ringing up my comparatively small purchase, the cashier told promptly told my my bill: $22.20. OH NO! I only have a $20 dollar bill with me, so I desperately try calling my Dad who is sitting out in the car waiting for me, only to get a busy signal... What should I do? I hear a voice behind me ask "How much do you need?" I turn around and very sheepishly say $2.20. The kind stranger promptly pays the extra money! I offered to run out to the car and get a couple of dollars to pay her back, but she replies with a big smile "Don't worry about it, it's Christmas time!" What can I say? I walk out of the store marveling at the change that comes over people at this time of year.
 I think that deep down everybody enjoys giving, enjoys helping out our fellow men. The problem is that from the day we are born we are bombarded by a society that only thinks of self, a society that measures one on the scale of how much they posses, not how much they do for others. But at this one time of year, people are expected to give of themselves, to help other people, to make others feel special. A time of year when society itself takes a turn and preaches the exact opposite of what it is used to. Why would a predominantly God-less society continue to celebrate the Lords birth in such a way? The only reason I can think of is that they actually enjoy the feeling of making others happy! What do you think? Let me know!
  Andrew B.

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