Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog updating, again...

Hello everybody!
  Today is a nice cold "Almost Winter" day here in ND, the temperature is currently 6.3° outside with a light breeze from the East. There must have been fog again overnight, because everything is covered with a good layer of frost... :-) It is really quite beautiful, but sitting here in front of my computer and looking out of the window, I am rather glad to be inside!
 As the title of this post implies, I have just finished updating several parts of my blog. Be sure to check out my updated list of favorite books and movies on my profile page, as well as the updated list of blogs I follow. ----->
 Yesterday we all (Except Cora, who had to work...) went to Bismarck. Mom had a bunch of sessions to do at her office, Jacob and I were hoping to be able to skate/play hockey at one of the rinks up there, and Dad had to go talk to our banker in Mandan. Unfortunately we weren't able to skate up there, as they were just in the process of flooding the rinks, which will then need a couple of days to set and then a couple more layers besides... Maybe next week... :-) I have been pondering trying to get a Homeschool Hockey League going in Bismarck, if I can find enough people who would be interested... Readers, what do you think of that idea?
 On the joys of a NEW computer:
  For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you probably know that I enjoy working with anything electronic, especially computers... And you probably also know that I recently built myself a new one. :-) Here is a report of what I have been doing with it, and how I am enjoying the great increase in speed. 
 I have been working on editing some video that I took last summer of our friends, the Dagley's, "Prairie Days". (Keep posted for clips from that...) Now, as anybody who has worked with video before will know, rendering video takes A LOT of computer power, and the amount of time it takes to render a video is directly proportional to the speed of your processor... Now for the fun stats:  My old computer took a little over a minute to render one minute of standard definition video. My new one takes about 9 seconds! My old computer rendered one minute of 1080P HD video in about 12 minutes (!), while my new one can do the same task in a minute and a quarter!  As you can imagine, that drastically cuts down on the amount of time required to work with video files. :-)
 That's all for now,
  Andrew B.

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