Monday, November 29, 2010

Pictures, as I promised!

Hello again!
Sorry I didn't get around to posting these yesterday, but I guess today will have to do... ;-) First off we have a picture of the building as it is now:

Going back a couple of days, here we are getting ready for Thanksgiving:

Cora made these wonderful Pumpkin Pies:
I arranged the cracker and cheese platter:
Some of our decorations:

Our patio door full of Stickies:
Ready for a Feast!
The day after thanksgiving we had a funeral to go to here in Kintyre. It was for an elderly neighbor of ours, who had been having health problems for quite a while... After the services, we stayed for lunch, and got a little time to visit with some of our other neighbors. Here are a couple of pictures of us and the Svanas children:
Olivia, age 10:

Sophia, age 9:

Cora holding Mariah:

And Me with Josiah: (Isn't he cute?)
We finally have enough snow to dig out the snowmobile and see what she can do...
We decided to try towing a sled behind, and Jacob was the first volunteer! Watch out puppies!
After going around the yard several times;
We decided to go out in one of the fields where we would have a little more room:
What fun! Cora took a couple of video clips as well, which I will be uploading shortly... Keep tuned for more fun!
Andrew B.

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